Build a strong and functional (➡︎ leak free!) core using my simple but powerful 3-step strategy. It's easier than you think!

Everything I wish I knew years ago, and the exact 3-step formula I use with my 1:1 clients who need a fail-proof solution👇🏽

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Using the tools in The No B.S. Guide to a Stronger, Drier Pregnancy and Postpartum, you'll:

✔︎ Learn THE most effective core and pelvic floor exercises for pregnancy and postpartum.

✔︎ Ward off common pregnancy aches and pains.

✔︎ Reduce your risk of and/or severity of Diastasis Recti.

✔︎ Develop pelvic floor awareness that will support a more efficient labor & delivery.

✔︎ Learn first exercises you should practice after delivery to help kickstart your postpartum recovery.

✔︎ Say goodbye to your sneeze pee. And that little leak (or deluge) when your run. 

The No B.S. Guide to a Stronger, Drier Pregnancy & Postpartum gives you a step-by-step roadmap to take control of your changing body. No dogma. No B.S.
Just tried-and-true strategies that deliver.


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I'm Laura. I'm a certified personal trainer, perinatal fitness expert and mom of 3.

When I became pregnant with my daughter and gave birth for the first time, I was confronted with a need for advice and support that I couldn't find. I wanted evidence-based, reliable information on exercise during pregnancy. I wanted smart, up-to-date guidance for my return to fitness postpartum. My experiences led me to deep dive into the world of perinatal fitness and pelvic health. And now they’ve led me to you!

After nearly 20 years working in academia, I’ve spent the last several years exclusively coaching folks through their transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

With a dozen degrees and certifications, my first-hand experience as a mom and years in the trenches supporting clients, I can tell you this: I understand the unique needs of people who are pregnant and recovering from pregnancy.

I know what it takes to keep you strong and active throughout your childbearing journey. And I put my best stuff into this guide.

I can't wait for you to check it out!

My mission is to make sure that having a baby is not the reason why you can't do all the badass things you want to do.

Join me!!

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